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nCartes is an Electronic Health Record (EHR) to Electronic Data Capture (EDC) cloud platform that transfers clinical, lab, and other source data from sites to sponsors.

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Features & Benefits

Significantly reduce the time and cost of clinical trial data capture

Help your team avoid the tedious data entry in clinical trials.

With nCartes the EDC system is populated directly with data from the EHR. This is accomplished by a feed of structured data, such as labs and demographics, or by making unstructured data, such as progress notes, available at the point of EDC data entry. This can be done with an intermittent review prior to load, or a direct load into your EDC system, with signoff occurring in your system. Unstructured information, for example information found in progress notes, which often needs human interpretation before it can be used in the EDC forms, is provided to the clinical user in an assistive intelligence mode by nCartes.

As a result, the time and cost of study data entry can be reduced by 50% or more, as shown in this case study.

You save time, effort, and money.

Decrease data entry errors

Numerous studies have shown the prevalence of data entry errors are in clinical trials. With nCartes, data entry errors from structured data are virtually eliminated. Click here for a case study that demonstrates this.

Source Data Verification for today

Monitors and auditors can take days and weeks verifying patient records in the clinical trial. No more. With nCartes the need to hunt for source data is significantly reduced because the corresponding data from the EHR is linked to the corresponding entry in the EDC system. Costly and time-consuming site visits are also be reduced --- a benefit for sites and sponsors alike.

Add documents and notes to clinical trial data

Sites often have to contend with paper records outside their own EHR including outside labs for Adverse Events, patient-written notes, external physician notes and letters. These can now be added to the internal record if required by the site and serve as support for the sponsor if needed.


nCartes: A Dual Platform Solution

nCartes is comprised of a site-facing platform and a sponsor-facing platform that are physically partitioned. This ensures that only the site has access to PHI and enables both the sites and sponsor to have the functionality and workflow specific to their needs.


nCartes: Security

nCartes has significant experience with secure cloud transactions in healthcare. Separation of data is enforced between the site and the sponsor with controls and transparency in the data transition. In addition, all data is encrypted at rest and encrypted in transmission.


APIs and Standards

nCartes teams will extract and send data from any system to any system. However, routine, rapid, and efficient deployment is best achieved with HL7, particularly HL7 FHIR, and with EDC systems that make their APIs readily available.


nCartes has no downside

Its safe. Its secure.

It alleviates pain, modernizes and streamlines the work clinical teams do every day. It raises the quality bar for clinical data in trials.

And it offers the clinical staff complete, granular, transaction-level control over the data that gets moved to the sponsor systems.


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